Georgia Statistics System: Analysis of Land Prices

This part of the Georgia Statistics System will deliver analyses of land prices in Georgia counties. The data were supplied by the Sales Ratio Division, Georgia Department of Audits. They represent a random sample of all land transactions in the state. The time coverge is currently 1997 to 2009. These are nominal prices that are not adjusted for inflation.

Step 1: Select the county you wish to analyze by clicking on the map
Step 2: Select the year to analyze (optional, see below)
Step 3: Select the class of properties
Step 4: Select the type of analysis you wish to perform
Step 5: Click the "Go To Query" button

In step 4 you can chose among three types of analyses. If you choose to view the data, you will get a table with each row representing a property transaction. Be careful because the tables can be very long. Because of this you can only chose one year per request. You can copy a table's contents and paste them into an Excel spreadsheet.

The second analysis option will calculate annual price averages, standard deviations and other summary statistics. This table of statistics will contain a row for each year that you request. The third option will produce a graph of annual average prices. By default, these last two options use property sales from all years, 1997 to 2009, and you do not have to chose a year. Prices are reported on a per-acre basis, except for residential properties.

Analysis options 2 and 3 are provided as a convenience for some users and must be used with caution. These options use all available properties within a county's use class. This means that the averages are not specific to whether the land is vacant or improved, and they are not specific to the size of the land parcel. Land which is already subdivided typically costs more per acre than comparable land in a large single tract. Therefore, one very large parcel can falsely reduce an annual average price for a small county. For this reason, it is best to paste the data tables into Excel and manually select the observations in the size class that you need. Then you use Excel to calculate your statistics.

Click on "Reset Form" to start another query.   If you have questions or problems please contact me, Dr. Warren Kriesel,, (706)542-0748.

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Step 1:
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Step 2: Choose the Year to View

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Step 4:
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