Shift-share Analysis of Regional Employment

This webpage will deliver a shift-share analysis of year-to-year changes in employment among 11 major industry categories. It uses the database in the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics' Census of Employment and Wages, for the years 1990 through 2014. More info about the CEW can be seen at

You can do the analysis for a single county, a group of counties, or whole states. For example, if you wished to analyze the state of Georgia, you would enter its FIPS code, 13000. If you wanted to analyze the Savannah metropolitan area, your would enter three GA counties (13103 13051 13029) and one SC county (45053). Type the codes into the box, each one separated by a space.

In some regions of the United States it is unrealistic to do the analysis for a single county. This is because peoples' commuting and shopping patterns can spill out into neighboring counties. This is especially true in the East, because the counties are geographically small.

The project is sponsored by USDA and the Land Grant Universities. If you have questions or problems with this site please contact me, Dr. Warren Kriesel, wkriesel at uga dot edu. To see the usage statistics for this service, click here.

Step 1: Type in the 5-digit FIPS code(s).
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Separate them with a space (eg., 01075 43051).
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Step 2: Choose the starting year, eg. 2000

Step 3: Choose the ending year, eg. 2014

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